Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making Your Own Mediterranean Yummies

If you are from the DC area, then you have heard of Cava Mezze Grill. It's like the Chipotle of Mediterranean food and it is SO good. I say that having heard about it a million times, but having only been there once. However, once was enough to inspire me to make it myself and bring it for lunch every. single. day. last week.

I made some of this from scratch and some is store bought. It looks like a lot of work, but the whole thing took me maybe 30 minutes and when I was finished I had assembled 5 lunches and had dinner ready for myself that evening. It was so good

I am a "I like this and this, let's put them together" type of chef. I cook "to taste" like my Oma does, so it's hard to give a recipe to the exact ingredients of what I do, unless I bake. So, below I've attempted to give you my "recipe" for my fabulous Mediterranean meal. I'm already drooling.

Here's what I did:

The Salad:
A mix of spinach and arugula topped with: 
red onion
Italian Parsley (important)
a sprig of mint (important) from my Gleaming Garden
Fresh Basil (important) from my Gleaming Garden
Fresh dill (if you want)

Make it if you want to, but I got my favorite garlic hummus by Sabra.

1 pound of lean ground beef
Garlic salt and black pepper to taste
TBS or so of chopped garlic (Fresh if you want, I get it like this.)
Some fresh dill if you want and other Mediterranean seasonings if you want.
(as you can see I do everything "to taste")

Preheat oven to 350
Mix all ingredients with the meat. Mush it really well to mix all the flavors. 
Take TBS sizes and roll them into balls.
Place on a cookie sheet and cook for about 15 minutes.

I based what I did off of this recipe, but didn't measure anything. Basically I threw the following things in a bowl, stirred, and let them marinate together overnight:
Plain yogurt (about a cup plus a little)
1 cucumber chopped relatively small. I kept the seeds because I didn't really care enough to take them out.
2 (ish) TBS of Olive Oil
Lemon juice from a bottle. I guesstimated the amount of half a squeezed lemon.
Salt and pepper to taste
Ripped off a bunch of fresh dill, tore it into tiny pieces, and dropped it in (I used extra in the dressing, meatballs and actual salad)
2 spoonfuls of chopped garlic

In a small, air tight container I put some:
Olive Oil (1 part)
Lemon juice (2 parts)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
A spoonful of chopped garlic
Some fresh dill

Shake it up and pour it on your salad when you're ready to eat.

**Note: I kept the Tzatziki, hummus and dressing in separate containers and added them to my salad, and re-heated the meatballs, right before I sat down to eat.

Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What We Like Tuesday: The "We Really Like Quotes" Edition

Welcome to "What We Like" Tuesday.
Here are a few things that we are loving right now:
Ok. Quotes.
We really like quotes.
Both of us do.
I suppose that's why we paint so many of them.

Lately we've both gone nuts pinning them.
Funny, heart warming, spiritual, ridiculous--we read it-we love it-we pin it.

Here are a few we are loving right now:

What do you like right now?

{Karisse & Kristel}

Monday, June 16, 2014

How DoesYour Gleaming Garden Grow?

It grows quite well, thank you!
 Didda says that I treat my plants like pets. I'm not sure why she says that. It's not like I have to feed them daily, get someone to take care of them if I'm out of town, check on them every day after work, talk to them, groom them, take constant videos and pictures that I put on social media. I mean, really. 
Plants are people too.
{The newest gnome member of the garden. I painted him myself! What shall I name him?}

Who wants to come over and sip iced tea, or margarita's in my little back porch garden with me?  


Friday, June 13, 2014

Fashion Friday: What No Photo Can Capture

You are more than what you wear. You are more than what others see on the on the outside.
Yes, you are beautiful. ALL women are in their own way. We carry and project beauty wherever we go. But, it doesn't come just from what we wear or what we look like.

"Pick your praise of choice. "Smart.” “Selfless.” “Strong.” You are beautiful, sweet daughter, but not because your beauty is capable of standing alone. In its entirety, all that makes you so incredibly gorgeous does not stem from your long lashes or your adorable curls but rather your impeccable way of heart. It’s important that you understand that your worth is not found in perfect skin, lovely dresses, or a delicate figure—all of which can be lost with time. Rather your advantage lies in the millions of qualities that no photo or mirror will ever capture."

Excerpt from Verily Magazine. Full article here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Give Me the Details!

This is one of my favorite little corners at Gleaming Floors. Featured is an old globe I found at a thrift store in Virginia for $15, a typewriter I got at an estate sale in Portland for $20 and a 4x4 print I designed of the word "hope" over a picture I took in Turkey of my favorite flower: the Ranunculus

I love the details.
To me, it's all about the little things.
I like to cluster cuteness together.
I like to decorate even the tiniest things.
Some say less is more. 
That is definitely not my decorating style.
Minimalists go nuts at Gleaming Floors! And that's ok! They need more tchotchkes at their houses!

Here are some examples of little details that I love:

Modpodge fabric or paper over an outlet cover for a unique pop of color in a room.

Cover the sides of drawers with pretty drawer lining or Modpodge pretty paper to it for a little surprise. Love.

Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets. Also, pick accent colors when getting appliances. I, of course, would pick teal, mint or plum purple.

Use your bookshelf as a display case for more than just books. Arrange trinkets and mementos and off-set your books. This is a fun place for those tiny little details, such as the "Hope" 4x4 print above, photos and those tiny little memories from your travels and special moments. 

Those are just a few ideas! What little details bring joy to your home? Please share, we'd love to be inspired! If you would like to purchase the "Hope" 4x4 or see the other 4x4 prints we have available please check out the "Little Lovelies" section of our etsy shop!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What We Like Tuesday: The "New Music and Other Things" Edition

Welcome to "What We Like" Tuesday.
Here are a few things that we are loving right now:
Ok. Go download this album right now.
Don't even think about it, you want to own it.
{or at least listen to it on repeat on Spotify}.
Kristel discovered these guys. My {Karisse} favorite song right now is the title song, Diamonds.
Here's the husband and wife team singing it here:




Yes, we like frozen yogurt, but we specifically said Pinkberry, here folks. There's a difference. Pinkberry is the original. It's what started the whole FroYo craze. We didn't jump on the bandwagon. We flippin' drove that bandwagon way back in 2007 in Los Angeles. That's about when Pinkberry got started and Didda and I ,along with all our friends, got obssessed. We had our Pinkberry fix at least twice a week. Which was no small feat since it was a solid 30 minute drive away.
We were committed.
And still are.

Our favorite hummus.

Sabra hummus. You really can't go wrong. Perfect texture. Perfect flavor. We may have tried every hummus out there. The only way to get it better is to travel to the Middle East or learn to make it excellently yourself. If you don't have the time for either of the latter options, Sabra is where it's at!


 This is another show that Kristel was right about.
The Big Bang Theory
 I {Karisse} avoided this show for a while because I didn't understand what the big deal was. I wasn't sure why brilliant nerdy scientists and their beautiful neighbor made for a funny show.
Now, I know.
Seriously, if you need to just laugh for 23 minutes, here you go.
I don't know how to explain why you should watch it, but just trust the Didda's. You will like it, and you will laugh. Go rent or buy season one.
And laugh your summer away.

Plus, you get the added loveliness of "Blossom" coming back to night time television. It's a win/win.


Clearly, we are not the only ones who like this, and not the only ones who think the above scene with the tiara is amazing. Sigh.
{Karisse's friend Andrea with a brilliant find during our girls weekend!}
What do you like right now?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Makeovers and Favorite Things

I love furniture makeovers. I love doing them myself, but I love them even more when someone else does them for me! I found this adorable little shelf, with great structure, but in need of some TLC while in Delaware on a girls weekend not too long ago.

I knew that I wanted to paint it with some Annie Sloan chalk paint, which is the only paint I will now use to re-do furniture. I chose a pretty, pale pink called Antoinette.

I also chose not to finish this one myself, but to use the skills Rooms, since she is the owner of Greenhill Lane Designs and shares Gleaming Floors with me! She painted and distressed it to shabby chic AnFAUXpologie perfection. I get the beauty of the end product, without the work! 

Here are some before and afters. I apologize that they are blurry.

Also, this little end table is full of some of my favorite things! On the top is my Bible, a devotional my mom gave me in college and my 5 year journal. Also, a teal Anthropologie mug from a friend that holds my pen, my favorite scented Anthropologie candle, a family picture and Pretty Philosophie plaque that reads: "Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong." It's a rephrasing from Ephesians. I love it!

When you look straight on you will find some handmade cards a friend in college made me. I keep every card she sends me because they are so beautiful! A framed card someone sent me the first time I was diagnosed with cancer that was so lovely I kept it and  collection of little stuffed bears! I have my prized "ballerina bear" that I've had since I was eleven, my mom's "praying bear" and her "creative memories" bear and then a multi-colored stuffed bear someone gave me after a surgery.

There you have it. An old shelf given new life, and a few of my favorite things.

I hope you are having a lovely Monday!

UPDATE: Check out her blogpost about painting this piece for me and our "commissioning" process!